Bulletstorm developers didn’t realise how many swearwords were in their game

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Talk about your cross cultural screw up, you’ll remember earlier this year when Bulletstorm was released their was a small media storm about the huge amount of swearing in the game and whether it was really required or not.

At the time Epic came out and whole heartedly defended the developers, People Can Fly, and put it down to artistic merit etc etc…

Meanwhile the guys at People Can Fly were a little horrified by the amount of swearing in the game and had they had know how bad it was they would have toned it down during development.

The problem is that the developers aren’t in fact English (they’re Polish) and as such they didn’t actually know what was being said. At the same time Epic thought they were just seriously hardcore and decided that they are happy to back these guys to the hilt.

Now obviously somewhere along the line some lines were crossed and we ended up with something that was overly offensive and in my mind severely curtailed the sales of what is actually an astonishingly good game.

Sometimes it pays to ask the obvious questions, however if they did then we would never have been given the excellent curse of Dicktits.

Last Updated: October 10, 2011

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