Bulletstorm Devs Make Huge Mockery Of Call Of Duty With Playable ‘Duty Calls’

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Those blokes at People Can Fly are having a lot of fun making Bulletstorm, but it’s what they are doing when they aren’t developing their game that has gotten very interesting.

Now, I am not sure about exactly who was behind this – but in an attempt to shoot down the saturated war-shooter genre and promote their game’s new outlook on things, they have created a website www.dutycalls.com that has – get this – a 700MB fully downloadable parody of the Call of Duty games.

They may have taken a poke at Halo Reach’s diorama in the past, but with Duty Calls they pretty much insult every single element that there is to the COD games. While some are calling it mean-spirited, I can’t help but feel that the Call of Duty series deserves it after rehashing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for like… the third time now.

If you don’t want to download and play the game, you can watch a 4 min quick playthrough in a video after the jump.

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: February 3, 2011

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