Bulletstorm squeaks into Germany–This is why we wanted Xbox Live

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Bulletstorm is not intended to be a kids game, it’s targeted at grown adults who are able to make decisions for themselves and who can tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

Unfortunately Germany (and Australia and friends) still don’t believe their adults are mature enough to make decisions for themselves and as such these titles normally get banned or heavily censored in these countries. Which in the past also meant that we couldn’t download any future DLC via Xbox Live as we were pooled into the dodgy country list by default.

Thankfully this has now been resolved and we are an official Xbox Live country which means that even though the German version of Bulletstorm has been massively censored by the harsh German censor board our versions and any DLC should be fine. If the FPB ever approves anything for the platform that is.

Bulletstorm is being released next week, I for one am excited and can’t wait to get my skill shot on.

Source: GamesIndustry

Last Updated: February 10, 2011

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