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Bungie is teasing Destiny 2’s next chapter, confirms reveal on 9 June

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Destiny 2 has been chugging on for over two years, driving itself through various highs and lows as it’s attempted to retain a player base that wasn’t all that happy with the initial product. Yet Bungie stuck it out, cutting off the weight that was Activision and going solo for their first time ever. It was no doubt a challenge for them, launching last year’s Shadowkeep without the backing of a publisher. Yet they’ve managed to survive another year although many might question how exactly. Fans have slowly grown more and more dissatisfied with the current Destiny 2 experience, citing issues such as content sunsetting and lacklustre seasonal activities. So let’s hope Bungie can turn everything around with their latest expansion, which is currently being teased out by the developer.

The brief 15 second teaser that shows fan-favourite character Eris Morn trudging through a series of snowy vistas in pursuit of…something has given fans plenty to speculate on. Many have taken a guess that the environment is what remains of Europa, a moon of Jupiter that used to house a friendly colony before the Collapse. PC Gamer has even taken a guess that if Eris Morn is to play a prominent role in this next expansion, Bungie might be finally going into more detail regarding The Darkness, an entity that has been around since the original game but has never really been elaborated on.


The only concrete information we can glean from Bungie’s Instagram post is that it will be elaborating on the contents of this teaser on 9 June. Which makes sense, given that we’re entering “Reveal Season”. Maybe Europa is the step Bungie needs to take to save Destiny although one has to wonder if it’s not the first step in a long journey to get back on top.

Last Updated: June 2, 2020

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  1. Jonah Cash

    June 2, 2020 at 17:37

    Unfortunately and I say this with true angst: NOPE


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