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Destiny 2 rumours – Next expansion called Dark Omens, will see Titan destroyed and the introduction of The Veil

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Destiny 2 Dark Omens (2)

We’re coming up on the first year anniversary of Destiny 2’s Shadowkeep era, and it has been…an interesting year. A battlepass is now a core part of the experience, new lore has dropped regarding an imminent threat in the cosmos making its way to the solar system and there have been a LOT of bounty quests offered to players as they grind for more power yet again. So, so many damn bounties.

So what’s next? September is usually when Destiny 2 overhauls itself for the year ahead, introducing new content through a massive expansion that also charts the way forward for the next four seasons of activity. In the Destiny 2 cycle, we’ve had the Forsaken and Shadowkeep expansions. In 2020 though? We could finally be facing the age-old enemy of the Guardians, the Darkness itself, in the rumoured Dark Omens expansion.

That’s the word according to a leaker via Prima Games, who say that the Pyramid ships first teased at the end of the Red War in Destiny 2 will arrive in grand fashion, destroying Titan and heralding the arrival of the Season of Dusk. Aboard these interstellar pyramids is a new type of enemy, known as the Veil. They inhabit the main ship known as The Calamity, a violent cult who worship the Winnower and the philosophy of the Final Shape.

The main campaign will be about the Vanguards/Warmind’s attempt to set up a defensive point on Europa against the Veil and stop them from spreading towards the Last City. The starting cinematic begins with Titan’s destruction from the Veil as they tear apart Saturn’s moon with a gravitational weapon. After an explosive first mission with a big battle on Europa, the Veil will prove to be too big of a threat for the Vanguard.

  • Spectres – Cannon fodder grunts with a form similar to the Taken, who can suppress Guardian powers
  • Rooks – Teleporting enemies who attack from a safe vantage point
  • Pawns – More cannon fodder designed to soak up your ammo
  • Bishops – Beefed up Spectres
  • Gargoyles – Flying enemies who drain your Light and health
  • Golems – The tanks of the Veil, similar in form to Hive Ogres

The Veil is led by Narhazuhl, who aims to pull the Guardians into the Darkness if they fail in their quest. Apart from that, the leak also claims that the Drifter will finally enter the fight, while a whole bunch of new content will pop up as well:

Destiny 2 Dark Omens (3)
  • Two new Crucible maps
  • New Exotic weapons
  • One of these include an Exotic scout rifle called Winter’s Call
  • New seasonal artifacts, vendor refreshe
  • A new seasonal pursuit weapon, an auto rifle known as The Undoing

Sounds legit but only Bungie knows for sure! The studio has mentioned in the past that Destiny 2 might be a little too big right now thanks to all of the seasonal content, expansions and other additions to the base game, necessitating a restart of sorts that could see entire patrol zones wiped out and replaced with new content. I’d personally kick Io off the map because nobody likes that zone, but so long Titan! It was nice well it lasted.

Last Updated: May 27, 2020

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