Bungie Will Develop A New Engine For Next Activision Game

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Now with Reach finally out on the store shelves, Bungie can move forward creating their next IP for Activision. The studio has confirmed that they will creating their own engine, instead of using a third party one.

In an interview with Develop, community manager Brian Jarrard confirmed that sourcing a third party engine would be against the “independent spirit” of the studio. In Jarrod’s words, “Just like we don’t want to develop a game off someone else’s IP, we want to push our own technology in the same way. That’s going to be our position for the foreseeable future”.

Bungie are aiming to develop a single IP over the next ten years with Activision, similarly to how the created Halo with Microsoft. Interestingly, their team has tripled in size since first Halo in 2001, from a meager 60 to 180 full time employees.

The Halo franchise will now be taken over by 343 Industries.

Source: Develop (via CVG)

Last Updated: September 14, 2010

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