Bungie/Rare/Microsoft conference next week

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Banjo Kazooie

So apparently we are about to be bombarded by secret press conferences and they are going to be announcing a whole range of things

To try and sum up the rumours we have the following.

1. Bungie will be announcing a new Halo, Halo Universe game or something entirely different

2. Rare will be revealing Banjo with motion controller and two other great kids games.

3. Microsoft will be revealing the motion controller, new dashboard, Euro price cut and Halo 4

So if the rumours work in a democratic manner we can expect to see a motion controlled Xbox 360 Halo game with a big teddy bear as the hero. It sounds absolutely fantastic…

One thing that is becoming apparent though is that something big is going to be announced before the end of September. A cluster of rumours like this doesn’t just happen.

Something will be setting off the moles and the story is just getting terribly convoluted. I just really hope it isn’t another Pac-Man

[Thanks ewie for the tips]

Last Updated: September 16, 2008

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