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Bungie’s Destiny is about to be revealed

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According to inside sources and gamingeverything we are about to hear a lot more about Bungie’s next project, Destiny. And to prepare us for that Bungie has released an awesome teaser site for their upcoming title.

BungieTeaserThe teaser site can be accessed here http://alphalupi.bungie.net/, with the first page being shown on the left which is exceptionally simplistic.

Just re-arrange the diamonds and move forward to a new page that showcases two images.

The first is titled Coordinate. Combine. Clarify

and the second has a title of Active Baselines

It reminds me of those puzzle websites where you need to crack the code to move onto the next level but maybe I’m reading far too much into it.

There are some instructions available

Our sky is filled with unseen signals. Radio-frequency emissions pulse and flit and dance all around us. Yet even a singing patch of sky can be observed, and transformed into a range of frequencies.

Can you hear it? No, not yet. It has not yet arrived. But together we can receive its call.

Imagine combining the observations of thousands across the globe on an object meandering through the heavens. The resulting array would be quite large. Quite powerful. This is your task.

Alone it will not be enough. Coordination and timing is needed. Observations must be made simultaneously.

Your window will be small. Five minutes at most. But windows may be reopened. And the distance between observer pairs will be key.

There will always be limitations in clarity, so the results must be archived for study. Highly technical observers may be required. Detailed frequency analysis is recommended.

Everything that belongs to us will be ours, but only if we create the capacity to receive it.

So obviously Destiny has something to do with space, which is no surprise from the Halo developers, but apart from that I really don’t know.

I can’t wait to see more about this game in the coming weeks.


Last Updated: February 12, 2013

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