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Burden is a new take on Tower Defence games

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I’m a huge fan of tower defence games on my iPad; I’ve downloaded a ton of them, with Kingdom Rush being the obvious leader in the genre. But now an Australian development team is breaking new ground with their entirely different take on Tower Defence.

In Burden your job is to protect the goal by strategically placing towers to stop the incoming horde of enemies. So far it sounds exactly like your average tower defence title but there is something very unique about this one.

The goal in Burden is a moving colossus and you place your towers on this beast while it ambles across a wasteland. So for the first time the goal is moving and the landscape is changing as the game progresses which means you may well need to demolish and change towers as the level progresses.

It’s still in the early stages and there is obviously a lot of work still to do but so far it looks intriguing.

There are also a ton of screenshots over at vg247 for you to peruse.

Burden is coming to PC, Mac and tablets next year.

Last Updated: July 19, 2013

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