Burnout Developers Working On New Need For Speed

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Now here is an announcement that gave me somewhat of a surprise.

Burnout developers, Criterion, are working on a brand new Need for Speed title. Criterion are already known for their great and lengthy support of games, as there is still content coming for Burnout Paradise, and it has all been completely free up until now.

Does this spell bad news for the Burnout series though?

I think not, I am pretty sure that Criterion will continue to support Burnout Paradise, and I cannot see a future in which Criterion do not release another Burnout title. To focus on Need for Speed again, I think this may just be the thing that the series needs.

There are currently 3 NFS games on their way, Shift, Nitro and World Online, but I am definitely interested in just one more. The thing is, that even with Shift looking as good as it does, it still isn’t a true Need for Speed title, and basically has nothing to do with the original concept that captured our hearts so many moons ago.

No details have been released about Criterion’s game, but I know what I want to hear. I want to hear that they are going to be going back to the original concept of exotic sports cars, highway patrol and some large, long open environments that really make you feel like you are hauling your trust-baby ass down the freeway, or coastal road at top speed, whilst evading the ever persistent Po-Po.

I can only dream, so let’s see what Criterion has in store for us. We will report on any new details as they are released.

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Last Updated: June 11, 2009

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