Call of Duty 4 better on the PS3?

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Jonas Allen, from, has been reviewing the upcoming Call of Duty 4 from Infinity Ward. Now I have read enough of these reviews and seen enough demo’s to be 100% sure that Call of Duty 4 is going to bea a huge success.

The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are amazing and the intensity is unbelievable. However I have only ever seen it on the Xbox 360 and so can’t compare, yet, from personal experience. However according to Jonas the PS3 is going to be the better looking version 

Still, as strong as Call of Duty 4 is shaping up to be in the gameplay department, the most immediately impressive aspect is by far its graphics. The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions all look surprisingly similar, but that’s not due to one platform being the lead; Infinity Ward personally assured us that development occurred simultaneously on all three platforms, and that there wasn’t a base system. With that said, the console similarities end when it comes to textures, lighting and resolutions, because those three areas make the PlayStation 3 version definitely excel over the Xbox 360 SKU.

If this is true, it is really going to be a feather in the PS3’s hat and would mark the first time a day and date release looked and played better on the PS3.

Call of Duty 4 Preview: Single-Player Campaign — DailyGame

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Last Updated: October 12, 2007

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