Call of Duty 4 Maps timed exclusive for Xbox 360

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COD 4 New Map 

So we have heard about the 4 new maps on their way for Call of Duty 4 but we were still waiting for confirmation on timing and price.

Well these two questions have now been for the Xbox 360 at least.

The map packs are going to be ready to download on the 3rd of April and will cost 800 points.. that’s a bit steep in my opinion.

You could just go out and buy the Game of the Year edition though which will include these map packs..

However you have to feel for the PS3 guys because the maps are only arriving on that platform 21 days after the 360. No reasons have been given for the timed exclusive

Loot Ninja » Call of Duty 4 Map Pack Dated and Priced; Details on COD4: GOY Edition

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Last Updated: March 21, 2008

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