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Call of Duty gets its own extravaganza fan event

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There’s no doubt that is one of gaming’s biggest phenomena, with game under that brand’s banner selling in the millions. The last one, Black Ops, is the biggest selling game – of all time – in both the US and the UK. The game it dethroned to usurp that honour? Yep, the last Call of Duty before that, Modern Warfare 2. Like it or not, Call of Duty is a monster.

It stands to reason then, that like Blizzard stablemates it should get its own event – and it is.

Call of Duty XP  (or experience, for those of us who’re not privy to the hip lingo )is its name, and it sounds like a fantastic experience for fans of Call of Duty. It’s open to the public, you if you happen to be in Los Angeles in early September and can pony up the $150 entry fee you might want to check it out.

The main event for the show will be a $1 million Call of Duty tournament hosted by  Xbox 360, the lead sponsor, in partnership with Activision. Players will be able to participate in qualification rounds before the weekend arrive to secure their place in the tournament. There’ll also be life-sized versions of a classic Call of Duty map available for paintball play as well as a recreation of a re-creation of Modern Warfare 2‘s “The Pit” training level. It’ll also be the first time that Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer, specifically the competitive and co-op Spec Ops modes is showcased  – and playable – to the public. It’ll also be the first time players get to see the full feature set of Call of Duty Elite, the service that’s more than just glorified stat-tracking.

Two straight days of COD overload? Sounds like heaven – if you’re  fan. If it seems like it’s just another one of Activision’s delightful, profit-driven cash-ins, dial in your cynicism just a little; 100% of ticket sales go to The Call of Duty Endowment, a charity that helps veterans re-acclimate to life away from the battlefield after returning home from battle. Awww, sweet!

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Last Updated: July 1, 2011

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