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Call of Duty will have cross platform compatibility

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During a call to investors yesterday the head of Acitvision, Bobby Kotick, made a statement that I thought was very interesting.

While he mentioned things along the line of a Diablo 3 beta coming and yet another Call of Duty what really stood out in my mind was when he stated that the Call of Duty online system will now bring together console and PC play for the first time..

He only touched on it and I can’t find much more information about it so for now we are going to have to simply speculate.

Does he mean we’ll finally be able to go head to head against PC gamers from our PS3’s and Xbox 360’s? I doubt it, the PC is still a far superior control mechanism and I just don’t see Sony or Microsoft allowing their consoles to be decimated online.

Not to mention how annoying it would be to be playing a game online and some uber PC user suddenly joins and turns you all into confetti.

No what I think he means is that we’re going to have all our stats and achievements compared seamlessly in game so that we can easily compare how we are doing against our PC gaming counterparts.

But then again he could mean something entirely different, what would you want to see come from a cross platform compatibility?

Source: VG247

PS: Activision made bucketloads of money so if you’re an investor then well done.

Last Updated: May 10, 2011

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