Can you guess what game this is for?

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This is the introduction to a AAA title that you have most probably played by now, lets see if you can guess which one it is from this original pitch presented to the publishers.

“Things grow inside you.

We’re part of you now, you think you hear them say.

You step away from the med bench. The diagnostics screen presents a revolving before and after.

On the left side, the before side, you see yourself. What you were. Human.

Any ideas yet?

And on the right side… what you are. What you’ve become. The only way you’ll survive, the only way you’ll-

From down the corridor, by the power grid: a voice. A sound that floats through the air as if swimming on thick, salty brine:

Prepare ye… prepare ye the way of the Lord-

And on it goes… if you have managed to guess the game yet then you are more of a gaming nut than I am… this passage was taken from the original pitch for Bioshock.

Way before the Little Sister, Big Sister or Big Daddies were ever envisaged. This was the original idea and Irrational Games has now posted up the first 7 pages of it’s original pitch.

It’s a thoroughly interesting read and it’s amazing to see how an idea morphed from a good idea into a great one.

Check it all out through the link below.

Source: Irrational Games

Last Updated: May 21, 2010

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