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Candy Crush Saga has made more cash than Nintendo in 2014

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You can find Mario inside...crying

There’s a ton of cash in mobile gaming. Provided that the masses all focus on your game before the inevitable clones arrive. Take for instance, Candy Crush Saga owner King. That game has made hundreds of millions so far. And it’s still drawing in the big bucks, even beating renowned gaming giants such as Nintendo when it comes to pure cash comparisons.

According to A List Daily, King managed to haul in over $641 million over the first three months of 2014. Nintendo? The house of Mario and Donkey Kong brought in $411 million in comparison to the candy kingdom, a difference of around 56%.

And you can thank Candy Crush for that massive margin. The hit game continues to be a license to print cash for King, as it accounted for two-thirds of its earnings, or around $427 million. That’s one game, beating everything that Nintendo has released so far in the first quarter of 2014. Still, Nintendo will most likely surge past those figures in the holiday season, where it generally shines.

But for now, that’s a bloody depressing statement as to just how outclassed Nintendo is as of late.

Last Updated: June 2, 2014

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