Capcom is bringing back Duck Tales

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Derp Tales

Life is like a hurricane, here in, Duckberg! Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, it’s a…Duck blur! This song might now be trapped in your head, and you all probably now want me dead! But c’mon, it’s Duck Tales, a whoo hoo!

I’ve given Capcom a ton of flack over the years, due to them once having the audacity to charge a price for cheat codes, to the fact that Megaman is about as welcome as a fart in a spacesuit. But I just can’t muster up any cynicism whatsoever for the fact that Capcom is remastering one of the finest Disney platformer games of all time, Duck Tales.

First released back in 1990, the original game saw infamous tight-fister (Which might also be the name of a porn film) Scrooge McDuck travelling the world, and using his infamous cane to pogo-stick the brains of various enemies into the derp zone. For the remastered version, Capcom is also bringing back the original voice cast from the original cartoon series, which includes the 94 year old Alan Young as the Scottish millionaire mallard.

“We have all the original voice actors from the show,” Capcom USA senior vice president Christian Svensson said on the Capcom Unity forums via VG247. “Scrooge’s voice actor is now 94 years old but he still came into the studio and did his thing like a pro. The voice work really adds a lot to the package.”


As for why Capcom was reanimating the title from beyond the grave, Svensson said the decision came about because people had been asking for it.

[quote style=”boxed”]About two and a half years ago I started working toward this with Disney because people here kept asking for it (and because I’m a fan too). About a year and a half ago I completed the general outlines of the deal. Disney was on board (and really excited). I then sold the whole concept of the project to Japan as we took it through greenlight.[/quote]

I’ve still got that Duck Tales game…somewhere, and the upcoming remaster from Capcom is due out on all the e-platforms available in the US summer. Here’s the trailer, which also features that addictive theme song. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go hum the Darkwing Duck theme, which I know will never get remade because it’s a clone of Megaman.

Last Updated: March 25, 2013

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