Capcom pulls out the funny

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So I like I good joke just about as much as any guy. But when game developers put comedy into their trailers, they just make my day so much better. It’s something that I find myself now in a way being unable to live without. Like Oreos in my McFlurry or Stay-Soft in my car, it has to be there. And open the comical door Capcom. That rhymed? Weird. Anyhow, take a peak at these videos that Capcom has made, which rock the Kasbah of Comedy. Okay, I really gotta stop rhyming. Just look at the videos…

The first is their Monster Hunter Freedom Unite “Phenomenon” trailer which gives us a glimpse into Japan’s obsession with Monster Hunter, narrated by a faux British reporter with a nutty disposition.

Now you get what I mean? Genius! Genius I tell you. Okay, maybe not that genius, like the guy who invented those tiny plastic caps that go on the end of your shoe laces. That guy deserves a medal or something. O, that’s right, he got buttloads of money. Ah yes. But the video is still pretty funny though. And then, what do they, good ol’ Capcom, go and do? They bring out an even funnier one for their new game: Bionic Commando.  It’s got some fake violence, an announcer shout-singing enthusiastically, referencing a lot of adverts we saw in the ’90s and everything else you could want. Might brighten up your Friday, too.

Hope you guys enjoyed these. I know my Friday is better now. Now if only I could find a Oreo McFlurry, things would be idyllic. Mmmm. Oreo. Mmmm. McFlurry. O, sorry, I didn’t know you were still standing there *walks away while whistling*…

Last Updated: May 15, 2009

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