Capcom reveals the first details on Dragons Dogma 2

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Without a doubt, Dragons Dogma is the Marmite/Bovril game of this generation. Some of us loved it, while some of us had to go and have our brains bleached after playing it. The game has done well though for Capcom, shifting over a million units and setting the stage for a sequel. So what can we expect in follow-up then?

Speaking to OPM, series creator Hideaki Itsuno revealed a few giblets of info, detailing how players can expect to tailor their own adventures. Seeing as how only around 60-70% of his ideas made it into the final cut, Itsuno wants to see more custom quests being implemented, as well as a larger world setting the stage for various dragon-slaying escapades, as the final design for the world that made the cut was two-thirds the size of what he imagined.

That’s a pretty substantial chunk of landscape missing then. Dragons Dogma left me feeling more annoyed than awed, a feeling that our very own Garth perfectly captured in his now legendary review.

We’ve got some body armour, a bomb-proof bunker and Liam Neeson on standby though, for when he reviews the sequel.

Last Updated: July 31, 2012

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