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Capcom won’t let PC gamers down

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There are those, mostly console gamers, who assert that the PC as a gaming platform is dying. “Retail sales of PC games have slowed to a crawl,” they usually say, forgetting the volumes of people who get their gaming purchases digitally beamed straight to their hard drives.  Still, they could be right. The PC Gaming Alliance, a union of technology companies established to ensure the future of PC gaming lost two of its founding members in Microsoft and nVidia this year, something that must have stung PC stalwarts with disappointment.

You know who won’t be disappointing you, my mouse-and-keyboard toting friends? Capcom, that’s who.

Capcom senior VP Christian Svensson has assured Pc gamers that Capcom is taking their platform of choice very seriously, and that they can look forward to a great selection of Capcom titles this year.  "The push for PC gaming within Capcom over the years has been led by a select few people. I’m one, putting my money where my mouth is with my forecasts," he explained."Similarly our European COO, David Reeves and our head of Capcom Germany, Michael Auer have also been vocal proponents. Takeuchi-san and the MT Framework team have been the biggest supporters on the development side."

One of the reasons is that emerging markets – such as ours – tend to favour the PC as opposed to consoles which are either unavailable or outrageously expensive those regions. "As we continue to expand our businesses in Russia, China, Korea and Brazil, the PC becomes increasingly important as it is the primary platform in those territories.” "PC gaming’s profile is growing at Capcom. Both the US and our European teams continue to request PC SKUs for new titles. While we’re still not yet where I’d like for us to be, the future is getting better for Capcom fans who are PC gamers all over the world."

Thankfully, thanks to their MT framework architecture, Capcom has an easier time of sticking their games on to different platforms than many other developers. PC  gamers can expect Resident Evil : Operation Raccoon City, Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Dead Rising 2: Off the record later this year.

Source : Capcom Blog

Last Updated: May 13, 2011

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