Cape Town COD LAN tournament results are in

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There are those who say LAN is dead. Sure, internet infrastructure is way better than it once was, but there is something quite specific about getting together in one room to battle it out. MWEB hosted an impressive LAN tournament in Cape Town last weekend – it even got mainstream attention.

Team opulence

Called the MWEB GameZone Master Series Cape Town LAN, the event took place this weekend at the Mweb Mcave. It featured top Call of Duty talent from the region, with Team Adept and Team Opulence fighting it out in the finals. Opulence was ultimately victorious at the LAN, but the mainstream coverage of the event is awesome for local eSports. e-News covered the event at the end of their news broadcast:

For those who don’t watch videos, it’s a poor quality taping of the news broadcast, which touted that gamers may soon be getting recognized in schools for their prowess. Desmond Kurz, organizer of the event and head honcho over at MWeb GameZone, explains that the goal is to get kids blazers with colors, recognizing all their hard work and dedication. I’ve got to commend e-News for slating the critics who say COD causes violence, instead highlighting the benefits of gaming.

Mweb cod lan 2

So, Cape Town knows which team is king at COD. What about Joburg? I’d love to see Gauteng come together for a similar style LAN tournament. That isn’t to say that there aren’t cool LANs coming up for the GP-ers – there are LANs in the north for the next two weekends. One is the GamersXtreme LAN in Pretoria, with Liberty LAN at Emperor’s Palace the weekend after. Now we just need a large-scale COD tournament to happen, and we can get excited for a north vs south championship.

[Update] Desmond from MWEB has responded to our queries around the age restriction

Hi Gavin, parental consent is always a requirement as part of the terms for entering into one of our tournaments, be it online or offline. In quite a few cases, the parents were actually there to spectate. In the case of the schools team that was entered, the teacher responsible was there to supervise. Further to that, all entrants had to supply their own copies of the game to compete.

So that’s awesome.. well done MWEB and to the MSSA this is how you run a tournament properly. Figure it out

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Last Updated: April 7, 2014

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