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Influence is something carefully cultivated – do great deeds and they might be noticed, a bit. Influence unlocks Inquisition Perks in Dragon Age: Inquisition, and it can be rather difficult to max out. However, this system gives you unlimited influence at no cost. Warning: contains light spoilers.

First things first, this cheat only works once you get Ferris the Representative. Ferris is a bookseller who sets up shop in Skyhold once you have six influence and complete the quest “Power for a Price” on your War Table. There is a similar merchant who can be acquired via Sera’s personal quests, although I find this route easiest. Of course, you will need to do the usual influence gaining events to get to level six, but once there, follow this simple procedure to max out your influence.

Go to Ferris’ shop and purchase a book. Each book gives you influence. However, before leaving the shop screen sell the book back to Ferris. That’s right, pretend you made a horrible mistake and instantly sell the book back to Ferris. You can rinse and repeat this procedure, buying and selling back the books within the same screen. When you eventually exit the shop screen, you will gain all the influence from the books, despite not spending an actual cent.

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Yes, it’s just that simple – buy and sell to your heart’s content and grab all the influence. Be careful, though; there is a level cap for influence and your inquisition perks can’t be reset, so you’re looking at about 20 perks to distribute as you see fit. Be sure to choose carefully according to your preferred play style – I didn’t get any schematic perks because I don’t craft often but I certainly maxed out my inventory and potions. Yes, I did test that this works. I must warn you all, though – it makes gaining influence through normal means feel hollow after you’ve maxed it out artificially. This does take away from some of the enjoyment of the game, although it’s still a worthwhile hack for those looking for easy inquisition perks.

Last Updated: December 15, 2014

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