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Fallout 4 gameplay leaked

It’s still eight long days until the official release of Fallout 4, but what seems to be more than a few copies have managed to find themselves in the hands of people not bound by – or caring about – embargoes. Subsequently a ton of Fallout 4 information and screens managed to find their way online over the weekend, with Bethesda working hard to try and shut down any sources. It’s a hard job, and one evidently a little too much to handle by the existence of 20 minutes of gameplay video.

It’s split up into four separate videos and could be taken down at any time, so if you’re really that impatient this is your best bet to get a look at the game running before next week. The first two videos show what is probably the prologue – showing life before the world descended into nuclear war and saw thousands evacuating to the infamous vaults. It’s a change of pace for the series, and I especially liked the finer details in it all (like the TV talking about the battle in Anchorage – one you could play in Fallout 3’s DLC).

What I like even more is the added voice acting from your character. This is the first time in Fallout that you’re character actually speaks – in the sense that you as a player can actually hear it. In that past your were left to just picking text dialogue options and imagining how your suave wasterlander articulated his words, but that’s not the case with Fallout 4.

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Otherwise, it’s just 20 minutes of a game that is probably going to have hours and hours of more gameplay, so it’s hard to judge it. What’s certain is that Fallout 4 definitely looks like a Fallout game through and through, although the added detail and lighter sheen to it all make it feel a little new. It’s out next Tuesday on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Last Updated: November 2, 2015

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  • If I had a time machine I would travel forward in time.

    To watch Star Wars 7 8 and 9 then travel back in time to play Fallout 4. 😛

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      Oh you

    • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

      When you get back, let me know if HL3 has ever released

      • You would not want that. I am a walking spoiler machine.

        • Grand Admiral Chief SpaceNinja

          I’d even settle for plot spoilers of that game now…..BUT NOT OF ME:A

          • Alien Emperor Trevor

            ME:H *run*

          • Gordon finds the Borealis. From there he gets a map to the Aperture science testing facilities. He makes his way there and meets GlaDoS. He convinces GlaDoS that the combine would make great test subjects. She sends and army of Weaponized Atlus’ and Peabodies to assist him in taking earth back. He fights some sort of alien boss and just before he dies the G-Man pulls him back into the void.

            Oh and there is cake.

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    Not minmaxing.

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      lol! This ^

      I am actively trying to not watch the videos xD

    • Nikola

      It was captured on Xbox so it’s ok you can’t see much;)

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    Uhm. Yea. No thanks.
    This doesn’t interest me.

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  • Bob of the Khundelar

    It looks good but I’m still only going to pick it up when the GOTY edition is out and then probably on special (75% off).

  • Nikola

    NOPE NOPE NOPE I shall not watch this:)

  • Greylingad[CNFRMD]

    It seems like Fallout 4 has more leaks than a sock pulled over a shower head…

  • Samuel

    Super mutant ‘You stupid man’. I love the mutants dialogue so funny and off the wall comedy ^^

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