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Last week I told you about Razer’s new documentary focused on eSport. It is split over three parts, with an episode being released each week. The first is now out, and it’s all about Starcraft – arguably the birthplace place of eSport as we know it today.

It’s just short of being 30 minutes long. I’ve watched it, and if you’re a fan of eSport or just gaming in general, I’d really recommend it.

In Episode 1, travel back in time to the beginning of eSports in South Korea and to one of the most intense rivalries in the history of StarCraft Brood War: Jaedong and Flash. A culture of intense study and rigorous training gives birth to a fierce environment of competition and innovation. After a defacto winner has been crowned, we turn to StarCraft 2 and the glimmers of greatness in a new player named HerO.

To give you insight into what the documentary is about, the first part kicks off in South Korea, focusing on the rise of the Starcraft scene. At the young age of 15, Jaedong rose through the ranks. Soon enough, he got the nickname “Legend Killer”. After winning four tournaments in six months, he became known as “The Tyrant”. He went on to be the best Zerg player.

Flash entered the scene later at age 14. He lost a few games to the almighty Jaedong, but this motivated him to get even better. After some intense training, he, a Terran player, finally bested the Zerg master with a 2-1 victory. Flash became a legend too, and was so meticulous in his gaming that he actually measured everything with a ruler before a tournament.

After 3 years, Jaedong and Flash had played each other 49 times. The stats show just how closely matched these two were, with Flash winning 25 of those games and Jaedong winning 24. Flash says that he only reached the point he did thanks to Jaedong, because he really inspired him to keep getting better.

The documenatary then shifts to the more modern Starcraft II, focusing on a player named Hero who plays for Team Liquid. I’ll leave it at that, I really want you to watch it for yourself.

On a personal note, I just want to say that I have huge respect for all eSport professionals, but even more for those are good at Starcraft. The speed at which their fingers fly across the keyboard is just plain terrifying! Next week’s episode will be focusing on Dota. As you can imagine, I’m quite excited for that. Will you be watching this and the next two episodes?

Last Updated: December 1, 2014

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