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Check out this full sized Skyrim map

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Our special holiday destination features 9 cities, 7 smaller towns, numerous mountain ranges and the ever popular Sea of Ghosts.

Tourists to this province can expect to be slaughtered, eaten, chased or abused and if you somehow survive the inhabitants then the dragons are sure to roast you alive while you try escape between cities.

Even with all this negativity you can expect the Province of Skyrim to be a massively popular holiday destination starting on the 11th of November and if you’re planning on making the trip then I strongly recommend you get yourself acquainted with the lay of the land by studying this map.


And if the shear size of the challenge at hand is a bit overwhelming then you may want to phone your local retailer and upgrade your pre-order so that you can receive the above map printed on some fancy burlap to help you navigate through the world of Skyrim.

Last Updated: October 10, 2011

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