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Check out your custom cars and garage in GTA V

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GTA V Cars

Grand Theft Auto has always been about more than just getting brutal refunds from hookers and seeing just how many virtual cops you can take on before the law busts your ass. It’s been all about the cars. Hell, that’s the name of the damn game. And the cars in GTA V are looking pretty sexy so far.

Straight from the GTA V website comes this little nugget of a teaser. The cars in that game are looking great, but I am hoping beyond hope that the driving physics will be much better in GTA V.

I hated driving around in GTA IV. The cars felt terrible, the brakes always locked up and I couldn’t even travel in a straight line with doing a flip over a school bus. But most of all, I want to see my favourite car in the entire franchise.

I want to hop into a Sentinel, and hit the road. There better be a damn Sentinel car in this game Rockstar. Or else…I’ll probably write ineffectual slurs or something.

Last Updated: August 20, 2013

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