Chillingo Adds Boxing To The iPhone

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Chillingo has published yet another iPhone/iPod touch title. This time its 6ixset Studios boxing title, Touch KO. Apparently the game found its inspiration from the popular EA series entitled Fight Night.

The gameplay utilizes the accelerometer capabilities of the iPhone as well as its unique multi-touch interface. It even allows players to create a completely customizable fighter where they can change various aesthetics of their character including face, body-shape, tattoos and even clothes.Touch Ko challenges players through a career mode which requires them to train and fight there way up the ladder from a small gym to being a contender for the championship title. The game is also said to allow players to simultaneously listen to their iTunes track-list and even features various difficulty settings and is true to the actual rules of the sport.

The game also allows you to post your achievements online and actually boasts to be able to rival PSP and PS2 graphics. A release date and price has yet to be confirmed but I have to say that this most definitely looks like one of the coolest titles in iPhone gaming thus far. Its seems like things are getting better and better as well as more competitive for mobile gaming – nothing wrong with a little competition since it usually means good things for gamers.

Source: Casualgaming

Last Updated: June 26, 2009

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