Clan Focus: Vicious Vixens

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It’s a new year and as such it’s time to attempt brand new things again. What we are aiming to do this year is interview as many online gaming clans as possible and what better way to start things off than with South Africa’s only, as far as we know, female-only gaming clan.

Vicious Vixens


The Vixens currently have 6 active members


Name: Michelle “KofDelight” Hercules
Bio: Gamer,lover of anime and kpop. First gaming experience was age 6 on an 8-bit Golden China game station. Leader of the clan,fun loving and crazy about kpop(yeah I know,weird)
Gaming Platforms: Xbox,PS3,PC
Favourite games: Gears Of War,Tomb Raider,Skyrim

Name: Tasneem “AfroNeemo” Carlse
Bio: Gamer,lead vocalist in a rock band. First gaming experience stared at a very young age being exposed to PCs due to my mom being a somewhat techy.I’m a creative pink haired busty girl 😉
Gaming Platform: PC
Favourite games: The Stanley Parable,Minecraft,Bioshock

Name: Robin “Vixenrsa” Arendse
Bio:Pharmacy student,softball player and Gamer.First gaming experience was on PC,retrogames and on PS1. Vice-Leader of the clan,I’m a geek,love sports and apparently hardcore(when it comes to gaming).
Gaming Platform: PS3
Favourite games:Black Ops 2,Dark Souls,Oblivion

Name: Izanne “UndauntedAnt42” Aronson
Bio: Gamer,reading,otaku.First game ever played was Mario brothers.I’m social,fun loving and enjoy being around other gamergirls and being part of the Vicious Vixens.
Gaming Platform:Xbox
Favourite games:Final Fantasy, Descent,Assassin’s Creed,Bubble Bobble.

Name: Jill “illiricis” Petersen
Bio:Besides being a gamer,I love reading, drawing (pretty good) ,love eating.First game was Mario brothers. I’m pretty much the easy going geeky girl with a love for gadgets, skulls & down-to-earth people
Gaming Platforms:Xbox,PS3,PC
Favourite games: Quake III Arena, COD MW3, Counter strike, God of war

Name: Anthea “H3rcie” Hercules
Bio: I am Michelle’s twin sister. Love gaming, watching anime and sci-fi movies. Enjoy learning new things, especially tech stuff, enjoy hanging with friends and trips to the beach.
Gaming platform: Xbox
Favourite games: Gears of War, Tomb Raider and SSX

Q&A Time!

Have we been in other clans before?

Robin: Been invited to join clans,but never joined due to the fact that most players spoke down to you (cause I was a girl) and made snide remarks when I was beating them.

What made us form an all girl clan?

Michelle: Most people will think that a room full of females would be a room full of drama and hormones, when in actual fact we are more laid back, understanding and get along very well.

We were given the idea to form the clan by Bradley Kirby of MWEB, great guy and mentor. He pointed out that girl gamers are seen as cosplayers and not gamers with actual skill, in general and in the competitive gaming industry.

We want to show South Africa that girl gamers can have wicked skill, look good and be as competitive as any guy across any genre and platform.

Future plans?

We shall be participating in the Telkom dogaming league 2014.

The members we have are all skilled in different genres across different platforms. This will be a test for us to teach and learn First Person Shooter(FPS) skills from each other, grow as teammates and friends and in time become a clan to be feared.

We are accepting new members in various genres and platforms to compete in upcoming events. Those who are interested can email us (viciousvixensza [at] gmail dot com) and follow us on Twitter

If you want to be the next clan showcased please send us your details, the member bio’s and the answers to some standard questions and we’ll get back to you.

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Last Updated: January 23, 2014

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