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Cliff Blezinski just doesn’t get Mirror’s Edge

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Some people are good at everything they do and others are just great at certain things, Cliff Blezinski appears to be falling into the latter category after reading his comments about Mirror’s Edge

“I think Mirror’s Edge will be great, too, but they’re showing me too much parkour, I want to see the gunplay. I hope it’s not all just running and jumping. As long as there’s something chasing me… even Mario had Goombas, you know?”

I don’t think we should be expecting to see a CliffyB lead platformer anytime soon, unless our hero is being shot at or chased he seems to be out of ideas…

But he is great at creating games where you shoot at people and we love him for that and he will be happy to know that people do shoot at your in Mirror’s Edge as well so it’s right up his alley.

I wonder what he thinks of LittleBigPlanet or Spore though

Source: Tawkn.com

Last Updated: November 6, 2008

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