CNET writer slams the PS3

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Don Reisinger, from CNET, has slammed the PS3’s desperate attempts to win back support this morning. It seems the rumbling controllers, price cut and new colours are just not doing it for him.

However he feels Sony is missing the boat, as do many of us, by not concentrating more on software.

Sony is under the impression that a lower price on its console will stimulate sales and help it attain the lead it used to enjoy. But with no exclusive blockbuster titles in sight, what’s the impetus for us to run to the store and buy the Playstation 3?

Now I completely agree with him there, games consoles should be primarily used for gaming. Anything else is a bonus but if you fail at the first hurdle why should I buy the console. He sums it up well when he states

The Playstation 3 is on life support and unless Sony starts grasping at something it can hold on to, it should stop worrying about how the public perceives its hardware and start doing what it can to bring exclusive blockbuster titles to the console. So far, the Playstation 3 is the biggest gaming blunder we have seen in years.

Is Sony as desperate as it looks? | The Digital Home – Don Reisinger blogs about the tech closest to home – CNET Blogs

Last Updated: October 11, 2007

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