COD: Advanced Warfare–Print ammo on the go

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GameInformer have been given a ton of advanced information around Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare but the one part that instantly jumped out the screen to me was the new 3D-Printer Rifle that appears to print its own ammo.

According to GameInformer the guys at Sledgehammer games are really tapping into the key new age technology that is doing the rounds at the moment with the most exciting, for me, being the 3D Printer Rifle. Unlike all standard guns this weapon doesn’t require you to reload it with bullets but rather to quickly slot in a new canister of ink. The gun then begins making its own bullets and your ammo capacity will then increase.

So a quick reload gives you access to one or two bullets for that quick defence before it quickly fills up and completes making all the bullets.

How that is going to work in practice is unknown but it’s interesting at least.

Also expect to see some space age technology in the game with mentions of a portable plasma rifle that fires plasma shots and rail guns which we have already seen in the initial trailer.

I’ve always enjoyed the Call of Duty series and while there are a large number of people who are hoping for a return to the World War days I for one definitely prefer the idea of Advanced Warfare. The one thing I would love to see with the addition of plasma weapons though is a different animation when hitting enemy with conventional or new weapons.

Watching someone get lit up like a Christmas tree would make me want to use the plasma rifle over anything else. It could also add some interesting new gameplay mechanics to the multiplayer modes.

Last Updated: May 26, 2014

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