COD: Black Ops servers for South Africa confirmed

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I logged into my inbox this morning and saw a little message from, which had a subject line of “ – South Africa has Call of Duty Black Ops”.

Cast your minds back and you’ll remember we mentioned the exclusivity deal between Activision and, which means all dedicated servers for COD: Black Ops need to be rented through the server providing company. We then briefly lamented the fact that there was no South Africa supported by their “worldwide network” and then became sulky brats bemoaning our misfortune.

A few weeks later we pointed you towards a “request a location” form. There was a massive drive from local gamers and our persistent nagging and spamming of the website has paid off! Here’s the full email from Gameservers, which I’m sure many of you who requested South African support will receive as well.

Dear Gamer, is proud to announce that we have just opened availability for Call of Duty Black Ops game servers in South Africa. These servers are available on a first come first serve basis so if you wish to purchase a server at this location, please reserve your server early!

Additional locations will be announced via:

See? All it takes is a swift kick to apathy’s nuts and our local gaming scene can do some pretty awesome stuff.

Last Updated: October 29, 2010

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