COD: Ghosts to reward you with in game visual awards

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Recently Grant Hinds got to sit down with Mark Rubin of Infinity Ward on our behalf to ask him about all things Call of Duty. We showed the first part of that interview yesterday and today the interview is about the upcoming Squads and Clans functionality.

One of the interesting aspects of the squad functionality however was revealed by Mark and that is if you do exceedingly well in the upcoming fortnightly competitions you are going to be rewarded with in game virtual awards of sorts.

The awards will be things that you can then use to customise your characters such as special helmets, weapon skins, entire outfits etc.

It’s a nice touch and something I can see the hard core fans working really hard to obtain. Nothing is better for bragging rights than character design options that everyone can see but no one else can just get.

It will also help the weaker players, so when I turn around the corner and see a guy at the end of the map with a glowing disco ball on his head I know not to laugh but rather to run crying to my mommy as he’s going to kick my ass.

Whether they are going to go down the silly route of rabbit costumes and disco balls or stick to something slick and cool like black robocop styled helmets though is still to be seen.

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Keep an eye out later for the video that will explain the rest of the clan and squad system.

Last Updated: September 6, 2013

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