Codemasters’ new game is a lot like their old games

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Racing game purveyor Codemasters has been teasing something new of late, and job listing have hinted that the company’s been working on something “exciting new IP for digital and console platforms.” That exciting new IP may yet be coming, because it’s newest game isn’t all that new, nor exciting, if we’re perfectly honest. It’s more GRID.

Called GRID: Autosport, the latest title in the franchise is apparently headed to the PC and those terrible old systems I don’t want to play games on anymore because I’m an elitist jerk and they make me want to puke. Hopefully the official announcement adds in a dash of next-gen. The official announcement will be coming later today, but the information’s all been leaked ahead of schedule.

GRID: Autosport promises to offer “the largest amount of content” in the series to date. It’ll give players 100 different courses from 22 locations to drive through, and numerous real-world vehicles to play around in – including super cars and prototypes.

It sounds like it’ll have quite a robust and fulfilling career mode for petrolheads. Players go from being amateurs to professional racers with teammates, sponsorships and all of the things you expect from a modern racer.

Interestingly, it’s apparently out quite soon. According to the internet it’s out on June 27 in Europe which is a Friday, and means that it’ll likely be released three days prior in North America. Here are some screens for your eyeballing pleasure, via Brasilgamer.

 GridAuto (1)GridAuto (2)GridAuto (3)GridAuto (4)

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Last Updated: April 22, 2014

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