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COD's Granddaddy is a GO

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In the good old days, years before the adoption of the internet into around 99.9999% of gamers homes, LANS* were the only way to partake in some multiplayer tomfoolery. As I’ve mentioned before, the top of the list of my games to play was always Counter Strike. Even if you’re a sad non pc user console gamer today, I’m fairly certain that you have some sort of distant memory of playing this ever popular FPS.

CS 1.6 and CS Source caused many a battle of angry fanboys, unable to establish which was the better title (although personally, I think 1.6 should have been shelved years ago). Valve, the furry and fuzzy company that everybody loves, has now released the third iteration in the series. Will this bring peace to the innocent and the leet? Will everybody’s dreams of the perfect FPS be fulfilled? Most likely not, even though CS: GO is meant to bring both the older communities together by being a hybrid of both as well as feel entirely fresh. A tall set of Chuck Norris boots which Valve can only hope to fill as best they can.

Fear not console owners, as the game will retail not only on Steam for Pc and Mac (even the hipsters out there can have a GO), but also on the Playstation Network as well as Xbox Live. How much will your wallet be crying if you do pursue this title? A measly $14.99 across all platforms. Granted, there is no single player campaign as this is a purely multiplayer affair, but that really is a reasonable price regardless.

There will be the old favourite game modes; Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue, as well as two new game modes to spice the package up. Gungame Arms Race and Demolition make their debut. Arms Race is the typical “gain a better weapon with each kill” game mode. All players start with the lowest tier weapons, with the winner as the person who progresses through the entire arsenal first. Demolition is basically the opposite, with each player starting with the highest tier weapon and moving down the arsenal. I’d be interested to see how Demolition works, as anybody who has played a game of Gun Game will know that if somebody progresses through the tiers quickly, everybody else is pretty much screwed. By starting with the best weapon, your life only gets harder as you progress through the ranks which will make for some interesting and intense gaming sessions.
I have been looking forward to this game for the last couple of years. The only game I really took the time to play competitively in a clan was CSS. My clan and myself used to play knowing that we weren’t going to beat any of the super teams. Instead, we played to experience those few moments of utter gaming adrenaline and social fun where the precious seconds of a ticking bomb could result in a game being won or lost. You don’t get that in public games where lone wolves and griefers do as they please. Counter Strike has some of the best team play elements in any game found today, and I honestly hope that CS: GO will transition well into the local competitive gaming scene.

CS: GO is now available and I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on it! With it being available on most platforms, I see no real excuse for any gamer to not have a look into it.
*not the resident GT5 poster boy

Last Updated: August 22, 2012

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