Comic Book 101 – Constantine

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You think of comic books, and you immediately flash to capes, tights and female heroes wearing leather jackets over tight spandex thanks to an awkward design phase from the 1990s. But comics are so, so much more than that. You’ve got a side of the medium that is all colourful and high in action. Then you’ve got another side, a darker reflection for more mature audiences where actions have consequences and there isn’t always a happy ending. And that’s the side where you’ll find John Constantine, the Hellblazer.

Here’s another great comic book character that people are only still becoming familiar with. John Constantine has been around for decades, and barring a mediocre film starring Keanu Reeves, he has been a character that people aren’t exactly familiar with.

But when you list his achievements, you’ll wonder why you haven’t heard more about him. He’s the guy who tricked the devil from claiming his soul, pissed off the first off the fallen and tricked him into drinking holy beer before slashing his face open just so that he could save the soul of his best friend.

He’s got a devilish side to him, but he fights for neither heaven nor hell as he weaves his way in and out of complex schemes and machinations. But above all that, he’s a blue-collar mage who doesn’t stand for nonsense, and he’s most likely the one comic book character that would gladly have a beer with you.

And to me, that makes for one hell of a great comic book hero.

Last Updated: August 5, 2014

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