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Command & Conquer is coming back

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Long before Starcraft walked away with the crown of best strategy game there was another game on the market that everyone looked up to.

EA’s Command and Conquer title was the all conquering strategy game of the time and still has a fervent fanbase who are constantly trying to convince me that Command and Conquer is still the best strategy game ever to be made.

Well there claims are about to be tested as EA Games has confirmed that it is indeed creating a new Command & Conquer title for PC’s but unfortunately little more is known about the title right now.

According to a facebook post

“There are a lot of people asking about a new C&C game. The only think we can say at the moment is: Yes, there is a Command & Conquer PC game in development. No other official details are available yet!”

So what do you think, are you excited about Command & Conquer returning or do you think its had its time and should rather stay in retirement instead of coming back now and ruining its legacy with a half hearted attempt to win the championship?

Last Updated: November 16, 2011

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