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By The Grand Admiral Chief

By now you have been trying to figure out just what exactly to do with yourself now that Lazygamer has officially ran away…..erm….took a well-deserved break. Well, look no further dear reader, because there is an answer for your condition….

So I pitched this idea to Geoff, to give the last few stragglers of 2015 a last chance to have fun amongst ourselves. This seemed like a simple idea, but now having to do a write-up about it, seems more daunting as I carefully watch the word count…

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s do a quick recap of what exactly the comments section means to the regular, as well as not so regular (eat more fiber dammit!) reader/commenter. As a fairly frequent frequenter of the site (FFF), it has become part of my daily coping mechanism for getting through the day. Whether it be trolling about eyebrows, the ever single player experience, preferences to games or platforms, or even doing mandatory staff support comments, I’ve found myself just having a better day when talking relevant, or not even remotely relevant things with the fellow readers of this fine site.

Let me go on record officially to state that the Lazygamer team is amazing, when I think about the hours they put in to give us quality things to read, joke about and partake in, it just blows my mind. They are constantly striving to create a damn fine site, and it shows. So I take my hat off to you and you are all worthy of the [Admiral Chief Stamp of Approval]

Now, to you, the rest, the regular rockstars, the loving lurkers, the kickass keyboard warriors, and the terrific trolls, thank you for making things interesting, every day. Sharing your thoughts, views, jokes, gifs, and body odour, make this community something awesome.

Last Updated: December 22, 2015

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