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Conan: Age of Exiles could add a castration feature in a future update

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No press is truly bad press for a game, and Conan: Age of Exiles has been lapping up plenty of articles lately with regards to how it handles…its Schwartz. There’s an option in the Early Access build of Conan: Age of Exiles right now that allows players to generously flip their endowment from Admiral Winky all the way through to a Colon Cowboy.

It’s an odd feature any way you look at it, but one that was necessary early on to help Conan: Age of Exiles fit into the lore of the Robert E. Howard books that the game takes inspiration from, says Funcom. The slider was a natural evolution of that, especially seeing we had a similar slider for breasts. Equality and all that,” Funcom said in a Reddit AMA via Kotaku that also teased possible castration physics being introduced eventually.

Similar to the way in which you capture thralls, we would like you to be able to drag players back to your altars and sacrifice them for a massive boost. We might also add specific killing equipment such as iron maidens etc. In addition we really want you to be able to harvest the heads of your foes and stick them on spikes outside and around your bases. Maybe even at some point…castration.

Later on the AMA, Funcom acknowledged how games such as Minecraft, DayZ and Ark: Survival Evolved had helped influence the design of Age of Exiles. “We owe a debt of gratitude to them all and we borrowed some of their good ideas even as we came up with our own,” Funcom wrote in a response. Conan: Age of Exiles is out right now on Steam Early Access, but it’s still early days for this ambitious survival game.

Early days, but charming still if you’re willing to slap some cash down to help test it out on PC before a final version also hits Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the near future.

Last Updated: February 7, 2017

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