Conan O'Brien Set Looks Super Mario, Conan Thinks It's Madness

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If you, like me, love the late night US shows like the Tonight Show, Lettermen etc. then you will also know that Conan O’Brien has just taken over from Jay Leno as the new host of the Tonight Show.

Their set team put together a new Art Deco looking background that got some viewers commenting that it looks like a level out of Super Mario Bros. Being Conan O’Brien, they couldn’t ignore the comments and decided to put together a little funny moment in one of his monologues.

Check out the video, you have to love them for doing such a great job with it as well.

[Please Note: NBC is claiming copyright on these youtube videos all over the place and pulling them down, so if this one is gone at the time of posting then I will do my best to track down yet another one and get it up on the site.]

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Last Updated: June 8, 2009

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