Console makers are interested in a console MMO

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In what can only be described as news of the blatantly obvious, Unreal Labs founder Jeff Strain has revealed that both Microsoft and Sony are interested in tying gamers into a subscription based MMO that eats your money and life away in small bite sized chunks.

According to Jeff

“I’ve been talking to them for years and I think they very much want to see this. There are lots of sticking points to get through. The questions will be how billing works, how the revenue is recognized and who gets what,” adding that console makers are currently “feeling their way through the whole MMO business model”

Well I can’t say that I am the least but surprised especially since Unreal Labs are in the process of creating a MMO for consoles that includes zombies…

But it’s Black Friday over in America which means that there is no news out there apart from a bunch of stories telling us how cheap everything is today over there and how we can’t get it.

So, a MMO with zombies… nah not interested.

Source; VG247

Last Updated: November 27, 2009

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