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The Cookie Clicker Diaries: Day 118 – baking in the dough

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Cookie Clicker 2.0 day 118

Back in February, I told you all about Cookie Clicker version 2.0. I laughed, a lot actually, because I knew I would be ruining productivity for some people that day. Little did I know though, that writing that article would result in my own horrible dip in productivity…

Ladies and gentlemen, It has been 118 days since I started my Cookie Clicker run, and yes, I’m still playing today. That’s around four months, or 2834 hours to be exact, spent making fake treats for nobody! Do I have any regrets? Not at all. In fact, I’m currently saving for a heavenly upgrade that will boost my cookie production even further.

Speaking of which, how many cookies per second should one expect to be making after playing for 118 days? My run hasn’t been perfect (it took me a while to figure out some neat tricks and grab some important upgrades), but I’m currently sitting on 309.271 sextillion CpS. Yet, I will not rest – I NEED MORE COOKIES!

Anyhow, I thought you’d all perchance be interested in seeing some statistics regarding this lengthy run. Here’s a breakdown of my numbers…

  • Cookies baked this ascension: 138.791 Octillion
  • Cookies baked all time: 738.887 Octillion
  • Ascensions: 21
  • Prestige level: 843,476 (so that’s +843,476% CpS)
  • Prestige upgrades unlocked: 40/56 (71%)
  • Upgrades unlocked: 290/319 (90%)
  • Achievements: 220/250 (88%)
  • Max CpS (currently): 309.271 sextillion
  • Buildings (currently) owned: 4180
  • Cookies per click: 37.048 sextillion
  • Golden cookie clicks (all time): 1238

Based on those achievements, it looks like I’m reaching the end of my overall Cookie Clicker run. What will I do once I’ve baked ALL of the things and unlocked everything? Oh I don’t know, go back to ordinary life I suppose.

Until then, I’ll be working hard on my bakery. There is still so much to buy, so much to click, and so many more cookies to bake! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make sure my grandmas are working hard.

Last Updated: June 6, 2016

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