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Cook,Serve,Delicious! makes bank on Steam

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! by Vertigo Gaming has seen a huge increase in sales after being greenlit for distribution on Steam, making more money in one day than the developer made in the whole year prior. Developer David Galindo wrote on Gamasutra about the experience:    

“On October 8th, 2013, just a few days shy of one year since CSD officially launched, the game landed on Steam, and in just one day, I had made nearly $15,000 in gross sales, which was almost as much as I made in the entire last year on PC/Mac/Linux for CSD. In two days, I surpassed it. In one week, I had made over $50,000 in gross revenue… more than I did in the last three years as a game maker and barista.”

CSD made $130,000 in sales in just 3 months. Not bad at all for a small indie title. Galindo also noticed an increase in sales on mobile platforms, making over $3,000 on Android and $5,000 on iOS.The total sales numbers across all platforms is 52,539 with an average of 40 to 60 sold per day. For those who don’t know, Cook, Serve, Delicious! is a restaurant management simulator where you prepare dishes using certain combinations of keys while managing other duties and upgrading recipes  to become a 5 star restaurant.

These kinds of success stories show just how much weight Steam pulls. Most people don’t even know that CSD was out on Desura before it was greenlit on Steam. Not only do games need to be good in order to find an audience, they need to be marketed correctly and found on platforms people actually use. Luckily CSD is awesome and now that it’s on Steam I hope it sells even more.

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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