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Could the bankrupt GAME operation open stores locally?

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If you haven’t heard the massive gaming retailer, GAME, with over 600 stores in the UK plus more in Australia and Spain is going bankrupt.

The English media have been reporting on their downfall quite heavily over the last two weeks and it looked like they were done for, that is until a new rumour appeared stating that the worlds largest retailer, Walmart, was looking at buying the franchise.

According to the rumour if Walmart does buy the franchise it will close all 600 UK stores and concentrate on it’s Spanish and Australian assets instead.

But Walmart is currently entering South Africa in a massive way with the purchase of Massmart (Makro, our Game, Builders Warehouse etc) and as such the possibility of them moving their latest stores into the country can’t be ruled out entirely.

Gaming is a growing industry in South Africa and the African continent as a whole is woefully underserviced in this regard and underserviced means untapped profits and that’s what Walmart are best at.

In reality I hope they don’t come here, I don’t think it will help the local industry in the long run having Walmart dominating our retail industry and with BT Games currently putting a lot of money into expansion and upgrading of stores I’d like to see that pay off and BT Games possibly start looking overseas for expansion options instead of the bigger retailers coming and taking some of our pie.

How do you feel though, would you want an international retailer bringing those same policies and prices that work for them in the US and UK to our local shores? Be careful what you wish for, the prices of games in GAME stores in Australia are generally higher than everyone else’s and their prices are insane in the first place.

Last Updated: March 20, 2012

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