It goes without saying that every time there’s a new generation of consoles, the sales numbers increase on the previous one. There are more people on earth, more gamers, and more people willing to part with cold-hard cash. And if Pachter’s right, about one and a half million people are set to do just that when the PS4 launches.

Speaking in an Episode of GameTrailers’ Bonus Round, Pachter says that Sony’s got the right sort of problem with the PS4; high demand.

“The only thing they’re gonna have a problem with is supply disruption. That million preorders they talked about, which I understand now is up to one and a half million, that’s a lot of consoles,” he said.

“That tells you that there’s not going to be a lot of boxes behind the first million and a half, so there’s going to be supply shortages.”

Pachter also believes Sony’s marketing strategies with the PS4 to date have been “pretty flawless.” One and a half million hardware units pre-ordered is pretty phenomenal, and while obviously not all of those will be fulfilled, a great many will end up in homes. That also doesn’t account for the folk who walk in to stores at launch expecting to find the hardware for sale.

It could end up with the PlayStation 4 being one of the most sold-through consoles at launch. The Wii, for example, managed to sell through 600 000 units in its US launch week, with a further 400 000 sold in Japan before stock constraints stopped the sales flow, and a further 325 000 in European regions. The PS4’s pre-orders already eclipse those numbers.

I honestly don’t think the Xbox One will do those sort of numbers when it launches later this year. there’s still too much negativity in the general public consensus; though it’s slowly, slowly going away and more people seem keen to embrace Microsoft’s console. Is the Xbox One even still a contender? Honestly, if I was in the US I’d have a really difficult decision to make. The Xbox one is starting to look more appealing, mostly thanks to its launch-period games. Dead Rising 3 interests me far, far more than Killzone: Shadow Fall. Plus, Titanfall.

Have you pre-ordered a PS4? Are you one of those 1.5 million?

The PlayStation 4 is being released in North America on November 15. We’ll be getting it here just a month later, on December 13.

Last Updated: October 8, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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