Could the Xbox One be released without Kinect?

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Yesterday, a rumour appeared saying that sometime next year, Microsoft would release two more Xbox One SKU’s – and neither of them would come with the always on, always watching Kinect included in the box.

According to the rumour, one of them would ship sans Kinect, and match the PS4 in price, while another would, in addition to ditching the accessory, have a smaller hard-drive and actually be cheaper at retail than Sony’s next generation console.

Of course, that would fly in the face of Microsoft assertion that Kinect is deeply integrated in to the Xbox One, and necessary for it to function; but bundling it now would be a great ploy to get the motion-controlling add-on in to homes.

In response to the rumour, Microsoft has vehemently denied that it intends to do such a thing, re-affirming its belief in Kinect’s value and fundamental importance to the Xbox One.

“We have no plans to introduce an Xbox One without Kinect,” said the firm. “We believe in Kinect and the value it brings to both games and entertainment, and believe $499 is a great value for what consumers receive with their Xbox One.”

Here’s the thing; Do you think it would be a good idea for Microsoft to release the Xbox one with Kinect being optional? On one hand, it would make the system cheaper, getting the console in to more homes – but on the other, it would lead to the same situation we have with Kinect now; developers adding superfluous crap in to games without much thought because not everyone would be able to use the additional features.

Would you buy an Xbox One without Kinect?

Last Updated: July 25, 2013

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