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Counter Strike: Global Offensive’s Broken Fang Operation is now live

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Yes, people still play Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Actually, quite a few people still play Valve’s team-based shooter, to such an extent that the developers are still rolling out content updates. Broken Fang is the game’s latest operation, bring the total up to 10 which is pretty impressive. Valve has managed to keep the content coming for CS:GO, even if people aren’t frothing at the mouth for it like they used to be. Alongside a host of new new gameplay features, Valve also dropped a cinematic trailer for Broken Fang, the first the game’s had in eight years. It’s only sixteen seconds long though, so don’t get too excited.

What else is new? Retake mode is a fresh addition and will pit three terrorists against four counter-terrorists for eight rounds. Weapons are chosen from loadout cards which I assumes mean the terrorists might have some better kit to keep things fair and balanced. Retake will be available for everyone, while if you have the Operation Pass, you’ll gain access to the Broken Fang premiere mode and a whole load of stats. Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet?

Seven new maps have been added and an Operation Shop will be available for players to spend “operation stars” (unlocked via weekly challenges) to purchase unique stickers, sprays, and agents from some organisation called The Professionals amongst a bunch of other stuff.


A contextual ping system has also been added to the game which is baffling to me because I could have sworn that was already in there. Maybe I’m just shocked that such a system wasn’t in there considering how useful a ping system in Counter Strike would be. Operation Broken Fang is now live and if you’re at all interested in a complete breakdown of those patch notes, you can find what you crave right here.

Last Updated: December 4, 2020

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