Crackdown 2 is coming?

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Many gamers considered Crackdown to be a wonderful piece of additional content on the Halo 3 Beta DVD.

While it is true that the Beta may have had a large role to play in the 1.5 million copies sold, the game itself was a surprise to many and in the end landed up being a shallow but incredibly action packed and ridiculously fun game to play, especially when you hooked up with a buddy for some co-op.

It was a sad day when I read the news that Crackdown 2 was cancelled but it looks like things may be turning around soon and we may be seeing a sequel after all. The news came in the form of a podcast on Major Nelsons blog that has Microsoft’s Xbox Live director of programming, Larry Hryb and Microsoft Game Studio boss Phil Spencer on as guests.

According to a report on Kotaku, Hryb had the following to say:


“I’m here to tell you on behalf of the community, I want — we need — another Crackdown… That’s all I’m going to say, so you don’t have to confirm for deny anything. I’m just saying we want it.”

Spencer then had the following to add:



“Yes, Crackdown’s one of my favorites. I’ll leave it at that.”

So does this mean that we are going to be getting Crackdown 2? Hell, I most certainly hope so. If they are going to make it I really do hope that this time around they add in the ability to play co-operatively with 3 other people, which was a feature that the first game seriously lacked.

Who knows, maybe it will come with the Halo 4 beta on the disc?

Source: Kotaku

Last Updated: December 9, 2008

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