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Crackdown is coming back, properly

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The ending game of the Microsoft E3 2014 experience was a surprise to most people with the reveal of Crackdown coming back to the Microsoft platform.

The original Crackdown was an incredible breakout experience which caused a huge addiction or orb hunting and open world, super powered experiences.

Unfortunately it was followed up by Crackdown 2 which has to be the absolutely worst sequel ever invented. Not only did they miss the entre point of living in an open world sandbox environment but they completely destroyed the fun and experience that was Crackdown.

But now we are being teased with a true successor to one of my favourite games ever with a brand new Crackdown, graphically upgraded for the Xbox One, and the same completely over the top bad guys and idiotically ridiculous story lines.

If they get this right then this is the reason to own an Xbox One in 2014.

Last Updated: June 9, 2014

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