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Craft your ultimate weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Crafting and customization are becoming the norm in RPGs and open-world sandbox experiences. I’m not totally convinced that every game that gets this functionality needs it, but Dragon Age: Inquisition is desperate to show how in-depth and comprehensive the game is. This new trailer shows off crafting and customization, and will probably make you guys very happy.

Here is the two minute explanation:

So, you can personalize your followers’ gear and tactics, as well as your own. As you wander the countryside, you can also find recipes and special crafting materials – these can range from herbs for your alchemy to one-of-a-kind components for your weapons. They certainly want to make sure that your experience is unique – it seems that no two people will upgrade and customize their gameplay in exactly the same way… at least until YouTube walkthroughs come out.

I like that resource gathering has returned in a more meaningful sense in Dragon Age: Inquisition – it’s not just about finding the herbs once, it seems to be a continuing experience. Considering that your base of operations will grow, it makes sense that your very own blacksmiths can help you make the best possible weapons and armor. The UI doesn’t look particularly impressive, but hopefully it will be intuitive enough to encourage all players to try out crafting.

Are you a fan of these crafting systems included in RPGs? While I like having them, I find that I don’t always make full use of the weapon and armor crafting compared to potions. Usually it’s because the systems are painful to navigate, but also because I generally like to use the awesome weapons that I grab from missions rather than spend ages making my own. I guess I’m just strange that way, or perhaps I’m not a tinkerer. Do you like to fiddle with all the crafting pieces, or will you just make one awesome weapon that you’ll use until it’s no longer getting the job done and then buy the next amazing one?

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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